What we do


Many children unfortunately, need full-time alternative care by a caregiver outside their family of origin.

We provide family-like alternative care.

Our model of family care to vulnerable children whose parents cannot provide them adequate care consists of:

The key services provided in the alternative care programme include:



The Aftercare programme works with the biological families of children leaving and those who have left the alternative care with the view to facilitating their integration.

Aftercare for integrated children and young people.

It provides support to the children and young people to become self-reliant. The aftercare support is normally provided for a period of around two to five years depending upon the needs. The support includes assistance for education, training or renting a house, counselling, life skills development, career guidance and employability.



It is a service aimed at preventing family breakdown and promoting quality care within families of origin.

We strengthen families in disadvantaged localities to prevent child neglect and abandonment.

The services provided by the Family Strengthening Programme include:



The advocacy services include activities for:


The Care Effect

SOS Children’s Villages firmly believes that no child should grow up alone and that every child should live in a stable and caring family. SOS Children’s Villages strongly believes that for the best interest of children, a child need to stay with the biological family, as long as the family is providing adequate care. A supportive environment brings a lot to the positive development of a child, such as building on self-confidence, determination and resilience. SOS Children’s Villages cares for the wellbeing of children, ensuring that healthy relationships are developed and maintained while moving towards a more independent life. In order to address the vulnerability of children and families, SOS Children’s Villages work on a range of complementary services, in response to both the immediate needs for children and families in need, as well as preventive and empowerment of families at risk of breaking down.

Our solutions are always aligned to:

  1. The best interests of each individual child.
  2. The needs of the local community, which are met through locally-led programme adaptation.
  3. The international frameworks guiding our work.
  4. The experience and expertise of our organisation.

SOS Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals