‘Be the change you want to see in the world’- Mahatma Ghandi

Together, we can bring a positive change in the world and the lives of several children in need. Join hands in support to SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius, by participating in different volunteer programme. Children are entrusted to our residential care in SOS Children’s Village Beau Bassin and SOS Children’s Village Bambous for various reasons. One thing they have in common is the need for a stable and caring adult to be their friends and mentors. 

Education Programme

Education and learning is one of our key priorities.

A. Read Programme

As part of this action we are initiating storytelling sessions with the children to inculcate reading habits and stimulate their curiosity and thoughts.

Relate: A child has a meaningful friendship and positive roles through you.

Educate: A child receives mentorship through you in terms of reading and discussions. 

Awaken: A child develops his knowledge and interest for education and learning potential in various fields (culture, history, geography...)

Donate: A minimum contribution of Rs.100 monthly as a READ and LEARNING buddy to support the education initiatives.

B. SOS Learning Buddy

SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius, is looking for SOS Learning Buddies to devote an hour of their time after school hours or early in the evening to help children in doing their homework.

How to register:

As a READ and LEARNING buddy  

You become a friend and role model

You share your altruism with other individuals

You bring life long memories to needy children

All you need to be: Reliable


Please download the application form and send it by mail to

For your voluntary monthly contribution to support the READ initiative, please download the standing order form and drop it directly to the bank and send us a scan copy via mail.

C. SOS Active citizens

As an organisation who care for the wellbeing, emotional and physical development of children, we encourage volunteers to bring a positive impact in the lives of children and young people.

  1. SOS Mentors: The children need positive role models that can encourage them to see things in a positive way, identify their passions and live a healthy lifestyle. SOS Mentors help by providing a listening support and strong role models to the children through guidance.

How it works: Give an hour of your time on a weekly basis to the programme.

  1. Sports/Talents Volunteers: Volunteers can operate inside or outside the villages, catering for the expressive and physical development of children, sport wise: Zumba classes, Biking, Basket and volleyball trainers, athletes, music classes, etc.
  2. Share your skills: we encourage volunteers to join hands together for team building activities, for painting children’s houses, sharing life skills, cooking skills and other types of skills.

D. Mauritian Diaspora

SOS Children’s Villages Mauritius, has launched the Mauritian Diaspora Supporting Network as a call to Mauritians who live in Foreign countries. The Mauritian diaspora aims at encouraging Mauritians all around the world who might be willing to express their inborn generosity, altruism and share some of their prosperity with those of our less fortunate children. Your support shall help us to sustain our efforts in keeping our vision alive.

How you can help:

  1. Learn more through our GivenGain link
  2.  For more ideas, send us an email on